PS4 games selling for cheap at Marina Square Toy Or Game shop

Ready for a weekend of button-mashing.

By Guan Zhen Tan | March 16, 2017

If you’re saving up money for the crazily expensive Nintendo Switch but find yourself itching to get more games, this is where you should go to.

A netizen spotted a sale going on at Marina Square’s Toy or Game outlet, which has since been widely shared on Facebook:

If you can’t see the embedded post, his photo shows that there is apparently an ongoing sale, with plenty of PS4 titles available in-store.

Photo via Djml Et Rockin’s Facebook post

In case you’re wondering if this is legit, the company has officially confirmed it on their Facebook page that their Marina Square outlet is indeed having a software mega sale.

Apparently, this promotion doesn’t have an end date but it’s while stocks last, so if you’re looking for some sweet deals, it might be somewhere you want to check out over the weekend.

The outlet also sells games for older consoles such as the Xbox 360, as well as PC games, game guidebooks and merchandise, so you can empty your wallet stock up on all your favourites in one place.


Top photo adapted via TOG – Toy or Game Facebook and Djml Et Rockin’s Facebook.

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