Person looking for babysitter in S’pore being totally racist & denies being racist

There is no possible scenario in which this is okay.

By Jeanette Tan | March 16, 2017

Sometimes, we allow ourselves to think, “This is 2017!” and lull ourselves into a sense of security.

Singapore is a better place now, right? We live in harmony and we have worked hard to maintain it, right? We all treat one another equally, right?

Regrettably, in times like this, we are forced to say no.

A woman in Singapore, Nana Bruns, who is providing babysitting services, posted an example of racism via a series of text messages she had with a person who was seeking her services:

Photo from Nana Bruns’s Facebook post

Now, never mind the confusing math there — born on January 31, but is 38 weeks old? — but to begin with, the person states a financial restriction, yet is asking for five out of seven days (and nights, mind you) full time care of an infant.

For $850 a month.

And yet, the person still has the cheek to “prefer chinese baby sitter at west convenience for us”.

Just bear these facts in mind first.

Photo from Nana Bruns’s Facebook post

Then comes the assumption — “U malay?”

And yet another whopper: “We r not discriminating u, just that many malay guys sex abuse”.

Wait, what?

Photo from Nana Bruns’s Facebook post

Here’s the best part — the person, after being called out on his or her racism, can firstly accuse the babysitter of “replying damn slow”, and then try to deny being racist, twice.

– “We are not racists, just own preferences”
– “Is a trust, not racist!” — don’t ask us what this means, we don’t know either.


We have no other words for this. Here’s her Facebook post:


Top photo adapted from screenshots from Nana Bruns’s Facebook post

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