Massive Optimus Prime-coloured truck goes against flow of traffic at entrance of MCE

This one not Autobot.

By Jeanette Tan | March 17, 2017

If you’ve ever driven a big vehicle, you’ll know it isn’t easy.

Manoeuvring is a challenge, you always need to factor in and ensure you have plenty of space when turning, and U-turns are, in all probability, the stuff of nightmares.

Imagine, then, the sheer courage this Optimus Prime particular trailer truck driver from RIO Logistics (S) Pte Ltd had to muster in order to pull off an epic U-turn, to drive not only against the flow of traffic, but also from the west-bound entrance of the Marina Coastal Expressway, then work in a huge turn onto the East Coast Parkway on the right-hand side of the screenshot above.

By the way, let’s keep in mind that this happened this very morning — a Friday, at 8:09am, according to the in-vehicle camera video’s timestamp, a time when obviously, everyone’s rushing to work.

This is literally the route he took:

Adapted from Google maps screenshot

How? We also want to know.

But you can watch the video to see for yourself — seeing is, indeed, after all, believing:

More stories about people driving against the flow of traffic, since that’s clearly a 2017 trend:

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Top photo: screenshot from video

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