In front of 2 Traffic Police, driver beats red light, makes left turn via right-most lane

But the driver was polite enough to signal left first.

By Belmont Lay | March 17, 2017

In what is perhaps the most epic video of a traffic violation you would see this week or month or year, a driver made an illegal left turn when on the right-most lane, by beating the red light in front of two traffic police officers on patrol motorcycles.

The driver was polite and considerate enough to signal left to demonstrate his intention first though.

The original video was posted in the Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook page.

According to the details on the video, the incident took place on March 15 at about 9pm.

The location looks to be around Lavender area, just before the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore building.

The video showed the two traffic police officers on their bikes looking clearly puzzled for a split second and looking at each other for affirmation, before turning on their police strobe light and flooring it to go after the vehicle.

Here is the possible damage count:

Careless driving = 6 demerit points
Inconsiderate driving = 9 demerit points
Dangerous driving = 24 demerit points


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