49 tech things from Singapore that will make you moist

#SG49: This National Day, Stuff and Mothership take a look at the gems that put Singapore on the global map.

By Mothership | August 8, 2014


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This is a collaboration with the wonderful people over at Stuff Singapore. Do check out their monthly magazine for the latest in tech and cool gadgets.


Singapore is a fine city. We really mean it, we’re not referring to the monetary kind of fine.

We figured there’s a whole lot of achievements made by Singapore that you’re not aware of. To celebrate Singapore’s 49th birthday, Stuff and Mothership have compiled 49 achievements that you, as a Singaporean, can be proud of.

So sit back, relax and perhaps be surprised at some of the names that appear in our list.


1. 2Fuse

At the risk of looking like a crazed person on the MRT, 2Fuse is a game that tests your reaction as you match similar icons within 60 seconds. Earning boosts along the way will help, but you’ll still need amazing reflexes to get the best score.


2. 8 Days Eat

It’s 8 Days given for free, packaged in an app but minus the gossip of Mediacorp artistes. It carries food reviews and features and bears a similar pink hue to a food app Burpple.


3. Aftershock

Before the world heard of Aftershock, gamers looking for suitable laptops had limited choices and most gaming-spec laptops were priced out of their reach. Aftershock is a breath of fresh air for those looking to customise laptops for their gaming needs at an attractive price point.


4. BillPin

Invented to make things less awkward between friends. BillPin helps split bills and track group expenses between friends. Now there’s no running away, recalcitrant freeloaders.


5. Brave Frontier

Believe it, this addictive game is made in Singapore. Gamers who grew up with the staple Japanese RPGs will love the similar design and gameplay in this mobile game. Quick disclaimer: we’re not responsible for the damage this game inflicts on your social life.


6. Bubbly

Bubbly is like an audio version of Twitter. Touted as “the best way to amplify and share your voice”, it can be used to create short audio updates for family, friends and followers to hear. Also known as a voice blog.


7. Burpple

Calling itself a social food guide, this app helps eateries sell the sizzle. This is how democracy looks like when represented by food: The people who can vote for their favorite will vote and the prettiest will win the most approval and become the most popular.


8. buUuk About

The place looks familiar, you know that famous char kway teow stall is nearby. Question is, where exactly? Use BuUuk About’s augmented reality function, scan the area and you’ll find it in no time. Also a great tool when you want to randomly pick a lunch spot nearby.


9. Carousell

Have pre-loved goods that you think still have resale value? Think there’s a sucker out there willing to fork out the money? Open a Carousell account and make everything you don’t want a cash cow.


10. Chope

Functions like the tissue paper at a hawker centre. Only better. Launched in 2011, the app allows instant reservations at Singapore’s best restaurants.


11. Creative Roar

This portable bluetooth speaker from Creative represents everything that is going right for Creative since their fall from grace nearly a decade ago. If the consumer reviews on Amazon are anything to go by, the Creative Roar is probably the only high-performance portable speaker you should consider parting your cash for.


12. Due

Built for the scatterbrains of the world, the Due app is a timely reminder of the things you need to follow up on. Simple yet effective, it’ll sort your life out. You wouldn’t want to forget that all-important anniversary and face the wrath of the other half. Right?


13. Eubiq Power Track

You’ll never run out of power sockets for your gadgets. Not when you can add more along the Eubiq Power Track. Or remove some to keep the house neat and tidy. That said, don’t go overboard and suck up too much juice from one track.


14. Feecha

Looking to bring Kampong spirit into the digital age, Feecha is a local news app that tells you everything you want to know about the neighbourhoods you’re interested in. You’ll be able to see content on everything including news, food reviews, activities, movies, and even deals.


15. Garena

Garena manages and distribute popular online games such League of Legends and FIFA Online 3 in South East Asia. Doesn’t sound like much does it? But the company was recently valued at US$1 billion by the World Startup Report. Not bad for a company serving 100,000 gamers daily.


16. HungryGoWhere

Out on a date and hard pressed for a good place for a romantic dinner? The HungryGoWhere app is a trusty sidekick to ensure you pick the right place with good food and the appropriate ambience – all the while making sure it doesn’t break your bank.


17. Inkcase Plus

Ever wished you could continually customise the back of your smartphone to display one of your girlfriend’s various selfies? No longer shall you have to constantly buy crappily printed decals from the ah beng shop down the street. The Inkcase Plus smartphone case is basically an E-Paper second screen to display anything you desire.


18. iNo

Smartphones too complicated for your grandparents or even your parents? iNo’s elderly-friendly phones go back to the basics with simple and large icons. Caters to servicemen who need non-camera phones too.


19. Kwerkee by Reebonz

Shop till you drop. Or in this case till your phone dies on you. Made by online retailer Reebonz, this isn’t your usual e-commerce website. Everything you see here is Kwerkee (quirky, get it? Get it? Oh well), so you can find some of the weirdest and eye-catching gifts for friends.


20. Monster Blade

Singapore’s answer to the popular Infinity Blade and Monster Hunter series of games, Monster Blade (we wonder where they got the idea for the name from?) has you taking your character through dungeons in a series of 1v1 battles, all in search of better loot and equipment. You can also pay real money to get ahead in true Singaporean fashion.


21. Mothership.sg

On its good days, it is Singapore’s own version of Huffington Post. On its bad days? A local cousin of Buzzfeed but more viral. Earned some street cred when Media Development Authority asked them to register as a news site. Its quirky and informative take on things has made the STB video and an Indonesian general (in)famous.


22. MTech

With 33 offices in 17 countries, M.Tech is one of Asia’s top IT security companies, and is headquartered from right here in Singapore. Now you know who to go to when your company needs to get IT and security-related infrastructure set up.


23. Newnation

The only satire website in Singapore that does 50% real news. On good days they manage a 70% credibility output. They call themselves the third-most overrated website and is known for viral content that people still believe to be completely true.


24. Night Owl Cinematics

Founded by a husband and wife team (Ryan Tan and Sylvia Chan), it’s Singapore’s number two Youtube channel Ryan is the camera-shy director, while Sylvia is the actress. They were in the news recently for helping the Singapore police create a funny video about crime prevention.


25. OneSafe

Onesafe is a password manager app for your iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or Mac devices that generates virtually unhackable passwords for all the sites you use. That means if one day you surf a naughty website and it gets compromised, you won’t lose more than your personal happy-time. Just be sure to remember your Onesafe account details.


26. PakTor

Our local answer to Tinder, PakTor is the match-making app for Singaporeans we aren’t too good at social interactions or rejections. At least you know the people on PakTor are looking for the same thing as you – that’s half the battle won.


27. Perx

Getting stamps or chops on physical loyalty cards is so 2010. We always forget to bring them out and end up having three cards from the same store anyway, leading to a never-ending cycle of frustration of 10 bubble teas with zero free gifts. Perx is much easier, doing everything digitally with a quick scan to consolidate everything on your mobile device.


28. Picky

Your waist, unfortunately, is in trouble. How can you say no to our nation’s favourite hobby – food hunting. Fact is, you can never get sick of those gloriously mouth-watering food photos. Picky has loads of that, and even recommendations for the best local food fare.


29. PiPsports

Instagram for sports nuts. That’s all you need to know about PiPsports. Whether you’re an EPL, F1, NFL or any other sports fan, you can start following your favourite teams and share your thoughts about last night’s game with fellow fans.


30. Pirate3D Buccaneer

This printer prints plastic and is a dream come true for any craft maker or model builder that wants to manufacture products of any conceivable shape and size. Might even change the way you play Lego.


31. Razer

Razer is the company responsible for making the ubiquitous mouse and keyboard into high-end gaming accessories geeks all over the world hanker for. Today, Razer is synonymous with quality gaming products which gamers turn to for that extra edge they need to beat their opponents.


32. Romans in my Carpet!

Commanding an army is really tough work. It’s even tougher when the said army are mites, and the battlefield is in the carpet. It helps that the turn-based strategy game is designed in cute 16-bit pixels. Plus, you can’t deny the awesomeness of Roman mites riding spider-powered chariots.


33. SBS Transit IRIS

The app is called “iris”, which is an acronym for “Intelligent Route Information System”. It provides travel information such as bus waiting times. This app is a godsend after decades of waiting aimlessly at the bus stop wondering if the bus will ever arrive or you just missed it.


34. SGAG

It’s like 9GAG but with more local awesomeness and Singlish. Tongue-in-cheek graphics coupled with snappy social commentaries within each gag, SGAG makes sure that you are in-the-know even if you don’t touch the newspapers.


35. Singapore MRT App

A survival tool when train breakdowns are as commonplace as 7/11 stores. Provides you with train service updates and information. The app notification you do not wish to see when you are late for work.


36. Singapore Sports Hubs

Otherwise known as S’pore own Bird’s Nest stadium. The $1.33 billion hub seats 55,000 and is one of the most architecturally challenging to be constructed here.


37. Snyppit

All the Instagram filters in the world can’t save your boring video of yourself from being boring. Instead, why not try Snyppit, which adds customisable stickers to your video clips in a variety show-esque manner to try and jazz it up a little?


38. Spirit Horizon

When there’s so many made-in-Singapore apps and games, it’s quite telling what we do most of the time. With match-three games like Spirit Horizon, you’ll probably be eyeing your phone or tablet during lunch or dinner, hoping to make that massive match and deal a big blow to your enemy.


39. Star 21

Just when we’re sick and tired of fitness trackers, the Star 21 proved us wrong. You can either see it as a guilt-trip wearable tech, or an encouraging fitness tracker that spends 21 days to nurse you towards a healthier lifestyle.


40. Stuff Singapore!

Boring. Unimaginative. Sluggish. Here at Stuff, we are the absolute antithesis of that. We begged, borrowed (and frankly, almost stole) a pair of Google Glass for you to gawk at and explored the nooks and cranny of Singapore to show you that everything is awesome. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


41. Sugar

Your life’s pretty sweet, so why would you need the Sugar app? Because it’s going to make it even sweeter when you find not just great deals, but undiscovered hipster spots in Singapore. Sharing is caring, so go on, share that deal, skim that price down to an unbelievably low point and snap it up before someone does.


42. Thumb Drive

Notice how brochures call thumb drives “flash drives”? That’s because the Singapore company, Trek, invented flash drives and have the rights to the name term ‘thumb drive’. It’s pretty awesome to know that the much used and loved thumb drive was an innovation right out of our sunny island. No one uses the term ‘flash drives’ anyway.


43. Tree Potatoes

The original cast of the top Youtube channel Wah!Banana. Aaron Khoo (Djehuty), Janice Chiang (Foxy) and Elliot Marcell Tan (Elliot) brings western humour with a local flavour and has become one of the top 5 channels here. Foxy is the babe, Djehuty is the brains and Elliot is the clown.


44. Tyler Projects’ Battle Stations

The first Facebook game to be developed in Singapore, Battle Stations is a freemium game with over 3.8 million registered users, meaning there are many people you can annoy on your FB feed with endless game notifications. An RPG game with strategy elements, you’ll be able to enjoy multiplayer mayhem in battles of up to 30 vs 30.


45. Vibease

Vibease is the kinkiest thing that has happened to teach. It is a smartphone-controlled vibrator suitable for couples coping with long-distance relationships. It’s app-controlled stimulation is kind of sci-fi and fetishistic at the same time.


46. Viddsee

This site pulls together short films from film-making talents from Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand. And for anyone too broke or cheap to go to the movies. You can watch indie films online to your heart’s content.


47. WahBanana

The top Youtube channel in S’pore that is owned by Garena. It entertains viewers with its tongue-in-cheek parodies with a local flavour. The original three musketeers (now with Tree Potatoes) are replaced by a new fantastic four crew that include an ang moh.


48. Walau TP!

The only word you’ll utter when you are caught speeding by the sneaky cop on top of a bridge. In this case, you are the law enforcer, ready to issue tickets to errant drivers. For once, you’ll feel the absolute power of issuing a summon. Just don’t let it get to your head and start doing it for real.


49. XMI

Like the small yet powerful Singapore that we live in, the makers of the X-mini capsule speakers XMI is another prime example of our city state’s achievements. Its speakers are tiny, portable but pack a mean punch. Since imitation is the best form of flattery, the throng of copycat capsule speakers is a testament to the company’s success.

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