49 reasons why you are still overly attached to S’pore

#SG49: It will be 50 reasons next year.

By Belmont Lay | August 9, 2014

Despite her flaws, Singapore has proven to be quite sticky.

Here are some of the little inconsequential everyday things about her that still gets to you, which indicates that this could be a lifelong fling.


1. You wake up some mornings somehow really feeling like her.


2. Over here, you can choose to be a defeatist. Or not.

Source: Oakley Singapore Facebook

So what’s your excuse?

No, really. What’s your excuse?


3. Anyone can be cool here.


4. And you can have epic selfie opportunities.


5. We parrot each other’s views.

Literally. And engage in bird talk (jiao wei).


6. We have what other countries have.

But slightly smaller. And a bit pirated.


7. We are slowly but surely shaking off our colonial hangover.


8. This.


9. You can find ridiculous offers here.

Best. Deals. Ever.


10. You can make a difference in society if you do Math.

Or use your Math skills to help your company earn 5 cents more.


11. The younger generation is given a chance to shine.


12. You can go from normal to superstar.

Stefanie Sun is on the far right.


13. You guffaw at how this is so politically incorrect.

And we wonder where our children get their prejudices from.


14. Because we don’t judge people based on differences.

If you look carefully, they are all wearing blue.


15. We are bombarded by clues of the preponderance of one party.

But we’re okay with it.


16. As long as we can sit back and enjoy the popcorn.


As face-offs become more common.


17. Incongruous finds.

Source: Andrew Loh

18. In Singapore, you really feel like Mario sometimes.


Spend the day running around, collecting coins and levelling up.


19. Home to uniquely Singaporean Metallica fans.


20. We can technology.

We make bad designs slightly better because technology.


21. The MRT is still the preferred mode of transport.

Hey, even the bird endorses it.


22. You’ll find ways to fit in.

“So, when can you meet? I’m flexible.”


23. We find ways to beat the system.

Saved 50 cents.


24. There’s always someone looking out for your health.


25. You can train to join the circus here.

A bicycle riding a motorcyclist who is a cyclist riding a motorcycle. Achievement unlocked.

And you’re like, “YOLO!”


26. Our community cats are a hoot.

Just a pair of cats taking shelter under a tree during a drizzle.

Source: Victor Yen

Just a cat sleeping in a DIY bed.

Just a cat sleeping at the coffee shop with pillow and bolster.

Source: Goh Sai Hong


27. Singapore is open to people of all faiths.


28. Singapore is where you rub shoulders with rich people who act normal.

Source: RIFQYHAMZAH Twitter

“Oh, just another Russian oligarch.”


29. We all know we do some things reluctantly some times.


30. But you feel like you can do anything once you passed a major hurdle.


31. And be accorded special privileges.


32. You still fly the flag proud.


33. Man and Nature, as One.


34. Greenery, greenery everywhere.



Others remind us of what we have sometimes. We impress the world with our nifty designs.


35. People overseas think this is sorcery.


36. But sometimes our eyes also plays tricks on us.


37. You are waiting for this to become a reality.


38. Then you can snigger at how this is so impractical.


39. But you appreciate those who take one for the rest of us.


40. There are amazingly talented people here.

Source: Keng Lye Flickr, Facebook

These are all paintings. They are the work of a Singaporean artist Keng Lye who has gained an international following for his mind-blowing uber realist 3D acrylic art pieces.


41. You go grocery-shopping at midnight or when you’re bored.



42. We are becoming a more trusting society.


43. Anyone can pay it forward no matter who you are.

A group of foreign workers took turns to help the visually-impaired cross the road near their work site.


44. You don’t even know what hit you sometimes.


45. We think this is normal.

This is a queue for chicken rice. Chicken rice is the most common hawker food in Singapore.


46. Our typos are predictions.

Wow. We can really technology.


47. We make each other’s day.

Even when we don’t go out of the way to do it.


48. We find ourselves having flashbacks — like this.


49. Well, some things just never change.


Don’t be a typical Singaporean and threaten to sue. If you know the source of some of these photos, share them with us so that we can attribute them correctly. Email us at [email protected]


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