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Top Stories

New govt-funded university that specialises in applied social sciences called SUSS

What a suss-y name.

March 17, 2017

S'pore's High Commissioner to UK rebuts The Economist article asking S'pore to make criticism more legal

Unfettered speech is problematic on its own.

March 17, 2017

Massive Optimus Prime-coloured truck goes against flow of traffic at entrance of MCE

This one not Autobot.

March 17, 2017

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Mothership Asks: Why Singapore’s Lady Justice statue has no blindfold?

Oven-fresh stories

In front of 2 Traffic Police, driver beats red light, makes left turn via right-most lane

But the driver was polite enough to signal left first.

March 17, 2017

PS4 games selling for cheap at Marina Square Toy Or Game shop

Ready for a weekend of button-mashing.

March 17, 2017

Plain-looking unisex watch by S'poreans raises S$25,400 on Kickstarter

Brandless is the new brand.

March 17, 2017

Chelsea, Bayern Munich & Inter Milan coming to S'pore for International Champions Cup

Steady lah.

March 17, 2017

Would you pay $475 for the cake on the right? We summarise this 4,355-word Facebook saga for you

To complicate things, the business is run by a social media influencer.

March 17, 2017

Person looking for babysitter in S'pore being totally racist & denies being racist

There is no possible scenario in which this is okay.

March 17, 2017

Here's why Heng Swee Keat can still be the next Prime Minister

There was a famous man who suffered from a stroke -- he remained as Prime Minister.

March 17, 2017

The things they don’t tell you about working overseas

It’s not a bed of roses.

March 17, 2017

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